Enrolment Criteria

Belvoir Special School provides to the community of Wodonga and surrounding districts, a specialised educational service for school age students, aged five to eighteen, with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.

In Victoria, all students with disability have a legislated right to enrol at their designated neighbourhood school and may be enrolled at another neighbourhood school subject to sufficient accommodation. Belvoir Special school is not a designated neighbourhood school, and enrolment is based on specific eligibility criteria. Belvoir Special School has specific enrolment eligibility criteria that has been approved by the Minister for Education in Victoria.

To enrol at Belvoir Special School, students must meet statewide criteria to be enrolled and early intervention specialists, educational psychologists or medical personnel may refer their placement. Enrolment is subject to acceptance by the Department of Education and Training, North-East Victoria Region, in accordance with the Special School enrolment policy.

In 2025, we expect to commence with an enrolment of 180+ students. The majority of these students will be enrolled full-time; a small percentage will be dual enrolled and some students will participate in a transition program at a mainstream local primary or secondary school. This will be determined by the individual needs of each student and in what setting these needs are best met.

Students will be grouped in small home groups with each class staffed by a teacher and teacher-aide. All students will have an individualized learning plan catering for their specific needs.

Student engaged in learning activity with interactive display.
Student engaged in learning activity with interactive display.

1. Parent Enquiry

Parents contacts the school and speaks to the Principal or Assistant Principal to ascertain whether their child meets the criteria for attending Belvoir Special School.
To be enrolled at Belvoir, a child must have an intellectual disability that has been diagnosed by a psychologist and have been accepted through the Special School Verification process.

Questions that may be asked include:-
• Has anybody ever told you that your child has an intellectual disability or a global developmental delay?
• Do you have reports given to you by speech therapists, physiotherapists, O.T or Paediatrician?
• Has your child been involved with Early Intervention Programs?
• Have you been told that your child has a Global Developmental Delay?

Once it is ascertained that your child is likely to meet the enrolment criteria, a school visit will be organised so that you and your child can meet the Principal/Assistant Principal and have a tour of the school. Due to the complexity of school and student enrolments are usually organised for the start of each year.

2. School Visit / meet with principal/assistant principal

Organise a time to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal and have a tour of the school and discussion of your child’s needs to see if Belvoir would be the best school learning environment for your child.

Please bring along any copies of speech, OT, physio, paediatric, vision, hearing and educational assessments that you may have.


3. If your child is already of the PSD-ID program in Victoria

If your child is already part of the PSD-ID Program in Victorian and currently being funded and supported your child may be enrolled and commence at Belvoir. For some children, a transition period before full enrolment may be recommended.

4. If your child is on a similar program in another state, Catholic or independent school system

If your child is on a similar program in another state, Catholic School or other independent school system the following documents will be required:-
• WISC-IV or WPPSI-III Assessment Report confirming an Intellectual Disability diagnosis.
• A letter from the Principal of your child’s current school, confirming that your child has received additional learning support
• Therapy or medical reports pertaining to your child’s needs. Such as:
            o Early Intervention,
            o Speech,
            o Occupational Therapy,
            o Physiotherapy,
            o Autism,
            o Audiology,
            o Ophthalmology
            o Paediatric reports.

A Special School Verification Request form will need to be completed and submitted.

5. Accepted Enrolment

After the Special School Verification form has been submitted and approved, your child may be enrolled at Belvoir Special School.

To support your child’s enrolment and transition to school a Student Support Group meeting (SSG) will be organised in conjunction with a member of our school leadership team.