Victorian Curriculum

The new Victorian Curriculum was introduced to the school in 2015 and will replace the Hume Region Special School’s Curriculum that has been in place since 2006. The Victorian Curriculum is a leveled document  (A-10), which caters for students with a disability as well as typically developing students in mainstream settings. Levels A- 10 are taught throughout the school from Foundation to Year 12 and students are matched to the curriculum based on their ability level in each of the subject areas. If you

Would like further information, about the Victorian Curriculum, please click on this link.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Curriculum (VCAL)

Many of our Senior students select to study VCAL Foundation Level in their final three years of schooling.  VCAL covers the following units of study:  Literacy and Numeracy, Industry specific skills, Work related skills and Personal Development.  Some students combine their VCAL studies with a traineeship program, which may increase employment opportunities.  For further information follow this link:


At Belvoir, we are fortunate to have three specialist teachers in the areas of:

  • Art
  • Performing Arts (Drama/Music)
  • Physical Education.

All students at Belvoir are timetabled for specialist classes and for many; these are favorite times of the week.

Our students benefit enormously from a rich music program and research certainly supports the notion that learning is enhanced through music, Children who can’t speak, may be able to sing. Incredibly, shy students come alive in a performance on stage. Students at Belvoir have the opportunity to enjoy lunchtime and afternoon music sessions and concerts. All students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument and individual and group lessons are available.

African drumming sessions and our rock band ‘The Belvoir Breakers’ provide creative musical outlets for our secondary aged students who like to play with others.

Adult health and fitness starts in childhood. Daily exercise is a lifelong habit. Older students can participate in individualized personal training programs created by our Physical Education Teacher and Allied Medical Team.   Our interschool sport program, swimming, athletics carnivals and House Colour Day events, are favorites across all levels of the school and a great day out for families and friends.

Our Science program allows the students to study Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, according to the Victorian A-10 curriculum. Students learn how to be responsible for living things by taking care of the animals in the science room and contribute to feeding the school community and beautifying the school environment, through the seed-raising program. In 2016 there are plans to further develop our kitchen Garden program.

Art is integrated throughout the school day in and out of the classroom and taught by the classroom teacher.